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While we have all been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and will feel its effects for some time to come, we remain confident that the property market will weather the storm based on the positive response we continue to receive from the public regarding our current and future developments.

Over the last month we have sold two impressive detached homes in Shawford, along with the last of five family homes just completed in the village of Barton Stacey, plus another of our luxurious apartments at Ashburton Place on Chilbolton Avenue.

This may be due to pent-up demand post Brexit, yet there are some good reasons why we believe the Winchester market will remain buoyant in the coming months.  This comes down to two things – the enduring popularity and desirability of the city as a place to live – something that looks set to have even greater appeal as many look to relocate away from larger urban areas - and the success of home-working. 

Since the beginning of the outbreak we’ve seen a rise in the number of people who have embraced working from home as it becomes clear how easy and successful it can be. As such, enquires about properties that have dedicated working space plus good internet and connectivity and useful storage have increased three-fold. And while respected commentators continue to debate how the market will develop, many, including the Homeowners Alliance, are confident that there will be a fundamental change in how houses are valued, and that attributes that are conducive to home working will be much sought-after post the pandemic.

“Since lock-down restrictions have eased, we’ve experienced a sharp increase in enquiries from prospective buyers all of whom are looking for that extra working space” comments Head of Sales Kelly Hindley, “and we’re pleased that most of our homes can deliver, offering studies and/or utilising space that might have previously been used as a playroom or gym, now making the perfect home office.  Plus the fact that all three of our current developments are within easy distance of the station just adds to their appeal.”

Add to the mix record low interest rates and the prospects for the market look good. While buyers are positive and willing to transact, we will continue to provide excellent housing to meet demand. “Remaining confident and positive is essential. Our experience as developers throughout this challenging time has shown us that the market is still very much alive and well.”

New, Winchester based developments currently available include luxury apartments and villas at Ashburton Place on Chilbolton Avenue (pictured), 11 detached and semi-detached homes at Meadowlands, Stockbridge Road and a further seven under construction on Stoney Lane.