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There’s no denying that once again we are living through challenging times, with yet another unique combination of circumstances from the rising cost of energy to the ongoing war in Ukraine all taking their toll on our industry, as they are on many others and individuals alike.

But having been building now for some 13 years, we’ve survived a variety of economic crises, from stamp duty increases, hung parliaments, a Scottish referendum, the huge uncertainty of Brexit, to an unprecedented two-year pandemic.

Yet we have overcome all these challenges. And while the property industry in general is used to being on an economic roller-coaster, Alfred Homes continued to weather the storm for the simple reason, we build quality homes in great locations.

In uncertain times, quality matters more than ever.  If the product is the best it can be, built with real attention to detail and in a beautiful location, demand has outstripped supply, and our clients have always been ready and willing.  

Moreover, I know our clients purchase for longevity. They are not just buying with emotion, they are making a calculated investment aimed at riding over the highs and lows of the market.  I believe that when our buyers make the decision to relocate, to down-size (or right-size), they do so to improve their standard of life by meeting head-on personal or family needs, and they tend not to be so influenced by negative external factors, which historically has always been short-term in locations as robust as ours.

We fully understand the challenges that home buyers may face over the coming months, however we remain optimistic and it’s this sentiment that fuels our confidence in 2023. We plan to launch five fantastic sites next year, all in excellent locations in and around Winchester, all offering a range of house types and price points, and all with that vital ingredient: quality.


Gregg Joslin, Managing Director